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Our service offers both the patient and their entity, support in the treatment of sleep apnea. Good sleep good live program

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Sleep is the primary repairer of physical and mental energy, if its quality is altered, its continuity or decreases the necessary amount of rest, that each of us requires, slowly and progressively, alterations occur in the ability to concentrate, memory, character or mood, that is, the integrity of our health and family environment is affected. For all these reasons, Amanecer Medico, seeks with the Good Sleep - Good Living program, to provide a therapeutic accompaniment, which allows the patient to adhere to the treatment and to achieve the goals set in therapy.

Our service offers both the patient and his entity, an accompaniment in the treatment of sleep apnea, providing:

  • Better clinical results.
  • Security to the user in the adaptation of their therapy and new lifestyle.
  • Education to the user about his disease and treatment with positive pressure equipment.
  • Information about the consequences of non-adherence and treatment abandonment.
  • Reports to the treating physician on follow-up visits.
  • A model that optimizes the resources of health care providers.
  • Follow-up visits carried out by expert personnel.
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